Persephone the Moon Goddess

Ready for the Gateway ?

This is such a powerful process that begins today, so set your intention as to the building energy of the Sagittarius Moon at her last degree and what you discovered about your ancestral and karmic story in the last 260 day cycle, 15 December 2020 to 31 August 2021.

Is everything starting to become clearer after your first initiation process of Red Dragon, in the Mayan Dreamspell? This began on the 01st of September. On the 13th, the shift day happened as to how we are consciously creating our new dream for humanity by living it as an individual. The last day is Red Cosmic Skywalker and the human being who is doing the alchemical process within. The healing of the heart story, to free ourselves from our ancestor’s bondage to shadow ways of relating. As each individual does this healing process, their world changes and then the world they inhabit changes. This is quantum theory. Understanding this process changes everything for the initiate who becomes an adept of alchemical process.

This is the time for up levelling for those committed to do their work. The term given for this in Mayan language is the QuetzalCoatl and here is an article that explains this in Britannica. There are many archetypal stories connected to this, in multiple languages and cultures. There are different levels to engage too and if you are the seeker ready to do the process then this information is for you. Quetzal takes many forms. One interpretation is to the “raising or lifting up” another aspect is a “feather”. Article here. The Coatl aspect refers to the Serpent and/or twin. Article here. Using the Dreamspell we find Red Serpent on day 5 so on the 5th of September what was happening for you is significant.

This also links into Gemini in the zodiac and we have the North Node in Gemini and Lilith in Gemini too. This is about right relationship and having honour and integrity. The last time we had North Node in Gemini as a planetary transit , it was at the time of September 11th 2001 and this cycle is very significant. Lots of our old fear stories about relationships coming up directly and in our gene pool stories too. The North Node in our personal chart happens every 18.5 years. This is my North Node transit right now and I can see my patterns back then and how I am healing them and making different choices right now.

The feather aspect also links up to the Egyptian death story and the weighing of the heart, which has to be lighter than a feather to enter the kingdom of heaven. Here is an in depth wikipedia article about Maat. I am currently reading a great book about this by Jodi Picoult The Book of Two Ways . The Persephone and Demeter myth is also intrinsic to this time Wikipedia Article gives an in depth overview if you want to know the mythology.


The White Wavespell in every 52 day cycle is about refining the previous Red Wavespell. Clarity and truth is desired to disentangle ourself from our survival stories in this instance. In order to fully transform this healing the heart is required. We cannot change the past, we can change how we feel about it and then change our behaviour because we have changed our holographic projector. This is an essential part of the Persephone process otherwise we can stay stuck and frozen in winter and trapped in our own underworld process of hell. When we heal we engage our youthful new beginnings of Spring. I offer you this is what is happening on the planet. Pluto is linked as Hades, the abductor of our youthful Persephone. This is the planet of death and it is retrograding in Capricorn now revealing where humanity has not been a disciple of truth and tried to suppress the sacred feminine and all her beauty and gifts. Our psychic intuition can now be resurrected as long as we are willing to feel our inner child wounding and listen without overriding it’s truth so we can ‘get on’ with 3D life. The current 3D life is built on this inhumane story of darkness that denies our true nature and seeks to create a power in balance that is not fair and just and exhausts humanity and Gaia’s resources.


White Wizard is a misnomer in my opinion. I offer it is White Witch energy as she is the Moon Goddess Ix Chel. She is the 14th Mayan Sign and as such the first day of the mastery process. There are 20 Mayan signs and the first 13 are the human being process. Once we initiate this in the first 13 day process, we can then start to refine and master our ancestral patterns to liberate ourselves from the karma wheel and rebirth the new earth as a midwife to ourselves. White Wizard is twinned with Red Serpent and their planets are the asteroid belts bringing in new consciousness. Vesta goes into Scorpio at the time of the full moon so where she is in your chart will bring light as to where your sacred space and purification can be re~energised. She can reveal karmic matters that are linked to survival (Scorpio) and intimacy issues. Where we have been lied to and betrayed affects our trust in the divine. This will be highlighted when we arrive in Scorpio Sun and remember that as planets are going direct in early October being focused on your spiritual goal is essential. We already have Venus in Scorpio so we can be experiencing intensity around themes of sexuality. She is squaring Saturn and Uranus from the 17th to the 23rd. Article about Saturn.

Invasion of our inner space is happening en masse on every level and boundaries around this have dissolved for many people. This is extremely disempowering and unhealthy and there is a regression happening as to health. Humanity is being shown as to where it really is rather than where it thinks it is. There is a huge unveiling of this now. Many women are still operating from a very conditioned mindset that is unaware and far from the sacred feminine ideal. Allowing others literally to affect our biology instead of using natural methods of wisdom. Our ancestors knew what herbs to use. We have the moon to guide our cycles. We do not need unnatural man made constructs as women. If you are allowing these into your personal space old programmes are still running. There is still a debate as to how sperm affects a woman’s dna and if we look at the dynamics of stds, clearly the vaginal natural barriers can be breached. Who we let into our sacred body space (particularly our sexual, birthing of new life space), can give huge awareness as to our personal patterns and how much we respect our sovereignty. This can take a while to heal and create healthy and loving boundaries. Working on our self esteem and beliefs about ourself takes time. Rewiring after narcissistic abuse takes discipline as it is tempting to go to lower vibes and repeat the same behaviour ignoring red flags. We are in an intense time en masse around this energy and it can seem like we are constantly fire fighting. This can over work our adrenal system and keep us in a hyper vigilant state which does not allow much space for new learning as the drawbridge is down and the moat is full of alligators keeping the persecutors at bay. Everything comes in waves and cycles and so coming into balance and facing personal reality is the key. Letting go of crutches and avoidance is the way forward and the ego will not like it and that is the Venusian maturation process right now. Video about Vesta by AstroViktor

Leading Astrology

As we begin this cycle we have the Sun in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces article by Astrology King What is being illuminated as to your empowerment issues ? How are you running an old mindset where you are struggling to be assertive about what you want and make it happen ? Where are you finding conflict happening/people pushing your boundaries/finding a need to rescue/explain and change people’s minds for example? Especially if you are an empath. Notice how your ego is believing you have to do this instead of realising that each person comes into their point of enlightenment when they are ready to and it is wired into their cosmology. Simply living our own path and healing will create the shift by being the change we want to see. Sharing info is great and noticing what our own personal ego intention is reveals where we are on our own challenge game plan. Although we are heading into the 7th house of the other in Libra Sun on the 22nd with the Autumn Equinox, keep the focus on staying with your eyes and heart on you. This is the test now. Mars is in Libra and this energy can be about injustice and fighting the good fight for others. It can also be focused on our own shadow story and letting go of sacrificing ourselves for the other. The 7th house is also the mystic house, linked to Blue Hand. Healing our destiny. As we go into the equinox lots of magical awareness is happening. We go down into the underworld for 6 months to work on ourselves with conscious awareness to craft. Our emergence will be at the Spring Equinox and the next solar wheel of the heroines story. What do you want to be initiating then for new beginnings around your personal story? Reverse engineer this at the Autumn Equinox as to your first steps and do a timeline. Work out each inner healing step that you can take to realise your goal, you have already been shown what has gotta give. This is on the 22nd of September, a master builder code and the Magdalene code of the Goddess. It is also White Solar Wind day, the Gateway to our Goddess self and as this sign is governed by Uranus, what has Uranus in Taurus brought to light for you? Remember we are creating new ways of being so radical responsibility is required now. If you have Uranus in Scorpio you are in your Uranus opposition right now so empowering to work with this. This happens around the age of 41. Article here.

The Full Moon in Pisces is on the 20th at 28 degrees. Article by Dark Star Lots happening astrologically. This represents the end of the Piscean Age we are leaving. If you have Chiron in Pisces this can feel powerful. It will show us where our light position is. What is resonating with Yellow Resonant Sun and the 20th Mayan Sign. It is a portal day of akashic record and the planet is Pluto for this sign. If we are experiencing painful emotional realities then old stories are still lodged in our flight, flight, freeze amygdala area. This is the last Mayan Sign and completes the first 20 day cycle. By the time we reach the next one we will be in the last 13 day wavespell of Yellow Sun ready to see what is manifest. Remember the more you tap on these emotional triggers the freer you will become and your daily story will change. If you are not doing this on a daily basis I highly recommend that you do as we are going into the storm now. At the end of this wavespell we begin Blue Hand and 13 days of transformation. This is on the 27th and Mercury goes retrograde in Libra at this time article here. The more we clear our personal wounding stories and the easier it is to have empathy on a deeper level and be the diplomat with other people. Being able to communicate, free of emotionally unresolved past dramas, is the secret to empowered living and understanding this is crucial for the adept. The universe is wired to keep bringing past karmic unresolved stories into our holograph so we get to change the dynamic now from a healed space. The problem is also the solution. Here we see the wonder of Red Moon and all the seeds that are within us .

The bigger picture

Remember we are in a 13 year cycle of White Wizard that began in 2019 on the 26th of July. All our empowerment issues are coming up for refinement. I can now map this code for people who want to work at this level. It took me 10 years of working with Mayan Cosmology for this to be revealed to me and it blows me away every day as to how this magical tool is teaching me about the matrix we are in, as in the real universal alignment matrix, not the distorted 3D version of the Gregorian framework. For me personally I am revisiting my 13 year cycle of White Wind, which is when I became a mother and what that unveiled. My specific code for this year is 1998 when I was pregnant with my daughter, who is a White Galactic Wizard. Her sign is the same as my grandfathers. They are the integration, day 8, step of Blue Hand Wavespell. Integrating our empowerment issues through healing, lets the magic flow through us once more. A river of light and kundalini energy powers us up as we remove any obstacles that are stuck in our mindset around feeling unloved and unworthy for example. When we have experienced human relationships that did not respect us as sentient equal beings, when we were forced to do things against our true nature, when we had to hide our luminosity and our psychic gifts ……yep many many lifetimes of hiding and severe stories of darkness ready to rewire and with all of that specialised learning we are here to be change makers at this time. We have what it takes on every level.


Beautiful Neptunian energy coming in on the 23rd with Blue Planetary Night and here we see the manifestation of our conscious dream right now. Neptune in Pisces at 21 degrees quintiles the True North Node in Gemini at 3 degrees. Both 3’s and Blue Night is the 3rd Mayan Sign. Loving the synchros revealed. Here is an article about Quintiles New learning for me today about this and the pure magic of it. Great article here. This is in depth alchemy magic with the power of 5. This will also happen again on the 27th in Blue Hand Wavespell. When the astrological chart is divided into 5ths, one slice becomes 72 degrees. This energy reveals key patterns in your life. On a soul level this can give key insights for us as to reverse engineering our manifestation.

What am I good at doing that inspires me and sets my heart on fire? Never mind the nay sayers as to 3D mind set . Also where am I off track, getting practical around right relationship. What we do in life echoes in eternity. The ‘problem’ can be unpicked with discernment. How did I cast this spell/took it on, to create this mess I am in for example? What mindsets did I have? Where was I in denial? Where was I in survival mode? What ancestral pattern was I recreating? What buttons are being pushed? Heal them. Most importantly how do I align myself with the Goddess future I want to live.

Works in progress we are beauty full vessels. As we empty our cup we can become free of all co dependencies and any need to guild the lovely lily of life. Seeing the true nature of our vulnerabilities and surrendering to the divine higher power is the Gateway to the Goddess.

Wishing you an empowering time.

If you would like to know more about your personal codes and tools to use to create personal alchemy please contact me here with your time/date/place of birth. I am very busy right now and will not be able to take on any more clients until the next 52 day cycle which will be the 23rd of October. If you wish to register for that the intake for registration ends on the 16th.


The new 260 dreamspell begins

01 September in Virgo

We have completed the Sagittarius spiral, that began on the 15th of December and now we are aware of what is seeking healing in our ancestral story as we have been living it. In the last month of Leo fire, we began the new Mayan Year of Yellow Electric Seed. This revealed our heart’s desire, our passion and the first Magnetic Moon of 28 days. From the 26th of July to the 22nd of August every year this initiation is a baptism of fire that opens a Gateway ~ the Lion’s Gate on the 8th of August. Article by Astrostyle reveals more info. This vortex runs to the 12th of August and is an amazing time to work with conscious intent as to what you wish to magnetise over the 13 moons. The 22nd of July is Mary Magdalene Feast Day and in numerology is a powerful number of the sacred feminine, a master builder number creating new frameworks at the time of the return to balance.

This cycle begins on Lunar Moon day 10. We are seeing the manifestation of new learning. Lunar Moon is the challenge, the growth area and our emotional storyline that is showing us our Moon story. The Sun is our personality and linked to the masculine, also Leo and can be connected to our father. The Moon is our shadow, emotional past story and is linked to the feminine, Cancer and our mother. The mother is the holder of the dream and she literally birthed us. Knowing about these storylines on a personal level creates illumination as to what is happening and why. Magnetic Moon is linked to our heart’s attraction ~ the universe brings what we need to heal. Lunar holds the key to that emotional past. Electric~ our thoughts that can change as we heal. We can create new thoughts and mindsets. This in turn creates new behaviours. I offer you that without healing the emotion and heart wounding we cannot change our trajectory and understanding this process is essential for the conscious creating human being. We go into Electric Moon 28 day cycle on the 20th of September and the alchemy begins.


Bigger Picture Cycles

We are in a 13 year cycle of the Moon Goddess Ixchel and she is known as the White Wizard Mayan Sign. The 14th Archetype (There are 20) and as such one of mastery teachings. The first 13 are the human being storyline process. The planetary energy changes each year to reveal a 13 step process, which can create an alchemical path, for the individual who is ready to fulfil the ancient prophecy foretold at this time: to heal our ancestors wounding story. As each person begins this process on the inside, their outside experience changes. This literally births the new earth that we came here at this time to create.

This cycle initiated in 2019. In 2020 we had the new learning, Blue Lunar Storm, revealing our emotional shadow stories that we are still holding from our ancestors. Now we are in year three, the year of Alchemy. We are becoming aware of our empowerment issues through our daily lives as the universal story has become very challenging. Now we can see the truth of where we are on a personal and global actuality. It is embodiment time. This can feel overwhelming at times which is why it is important to learn frameworks that support our healing journey and start to take action moving towards purification. Letting go of our conditioning around sacrificing ourselves and living in a culture based on self harm is the key.

Embodiment Cycles of Earth

This first cycle will focus on the reality check of where we actually are on our journey right now.

Whilst some people choose to focus on past lives and how they are impacting on our life because of karma, I offer you that focusing on the present will also reveal what is seeking to heal as we are the latest version of our ancestral story for us and our past lives latest incarnation.

The Cosmic Codes revealed in our natal chart and our Mayan Cosmology are our map. They reveal our soul mission and our potentiality to shape our destiny. Using the healing modality of Emotional Freedom Technique creates alchemy. By healing our current emotional triggers we can follow the cosmic cookie trail to all of our ancestral stories seeking a re~write now. This unlocks our ancestors secrets which have been hidden in the past, to allow them to survive at times of persecution.

Now it is time for these gifts to come to light to allow the new earth to be created through each woman. Women are the midwives of the new dream. Knowing the Karma (patterns) and doing the dharma (healing) is the process to create empowerment and freedom.

This first cycle of Virgo will be followed by Taurus nine months later. This will see the manifestation of the work we are doing now.

Initiatory Astrology 52 Days of Red Dragon

The first 13 day Wavespell is Red Dragon and it opens the gateway to our reality process of Virgo. Getting clear and free of our survival issues will take us to the next level of embodiment of the Goddess energy coming in. We set off with a waning moon in Gemini in the early hours linking into communication and the planetary transit of North Node in Gemini. Article by Astrobutterfly. This is the Dragon Node. This links into key cycles for women too and more of this later in the article. Venus goes into Scorpio on the 9th which is the first Gateway: Red Solar Moon. This is the potentiality to transform our base ego desires to ascend to a higher level. Esoteric article by Mermaid.

On this first week we have a vortex opening up on the second day, 02 September, which is the day of new learning about our spiritual path : White Lunar Wind. This is a powerful day as Chiron goes to 11 degrees in Aries and this is the cognitive dissonance around the distorted 3D mindsets ~ who am I ? Who are we really and why are we here at this time ? Mars at 22 degrees Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces at 22 degrees ~ master builder sacred feminine ~ the ego versus the higher self story . Get ready for a shift Article by Astrology King

This will reach full light when the Sun also opposes Neptune on the 14th at the beginning of the empowerment Wavespell of White Wizard. Article by Astrology King.

It is time to understand our own personal power process to manifest our reality and bring in the new star show. Be ~ Do ~ Have. Time to realise where we can be taken advantage of: especially around narcissist patterns which is a spotlight moment for all Empaths on their way to healing the mind mess and trauma stories.

These times are showing us where we need to create new healthy boundaries. Imagining being enveloped in a circle of light won’t cut the mustard right now. That ship has sailed many moons ago.

Time to school ourselves in stronger ways of being and creating disciplines that design a house of diamonds instead of a house of cards. The stuff that didn’t kill us but made us stronger is morphing to show us a new shadow dance. Truth be told we are all of this shadow play as an embodiment of the divine, so the more we heal the more we reveal and become our own mistress of the arts. We reconnect and plug in to all we have ever been in our full majesty. The jagged edges of our scars open up our vulnerabilities to deeper intimacy and in our heart of hearts that is what we truly desire.

On the day of Alchemy ~ Blue Electric Night, we have Black Moon Lilith conjunct the North Node in Gemini at 5 degrees This is a great day to illuminate our conscious dream. This is an interesting article that can be seen in a different light as a relationship to self instead of another Elsa. 5 degrees is a mastery step for squaring the circle and remember that the Mayan 5th Sign is Red Serpent. It shows us that where our kundalini flows reveals wisdom and where it doesn’t reveals a manifestation of earlier mindsets and behaviours that led to a dead end ( not well; will be literal if we don’t shapeshift these morbid constructs) in terms of relationship. Relationship to self is learned and can be shaped over and over throughout eternity as we evolve through becoming aware and most importantly taking action. To love ourself is the primary goal. When we achieve this through slaying those inner dragon episodes, we shine in our sovereignty. When we stop harming ourself (notice the self talk and are you a supportive mamma to thine own self?) the natural reflection in the outer reality is harmonious. It takes practice to walk this tightrope and get back on it when we fall off and each time we can become more graceful. We are always held by the Goddess.

This first 52 day cycle opens with a New Moon in Virgo and Mercury Retrograde in Libra later in the month. In between we have a Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th at 28 degrees. This full moon will be on a galactic portal day of Yellow Resonant Sun, bringing huge illumination potentiality for the first 20 days of this cycle.

Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac and is connected to Demeter in mythology. Another name for her is Ceres. She represents health, nurturing and a greater shadow story of Demeter and Persephone. Traditionally Persephone went down into the underworld at the Autumn Equinox of Libra. This year in the Northern Hemisphere it is the 22nd of September. This again is a master builder number. Ceres asteroid in the chart illuminates these storylines. She is currently transiting in Gemini ~ article by Dark Pixie. The North Node in the personal chart reveals a Persephone Cycle that occurs every 18.5 years as the nodes return to the same place and we have another encounter with our soul mission and whether we are healing and creating a different story. Also at around 9 years of this cycle we will encounter our South Node and our past life karmic patterns. It is empowering to know this cycle and information and something I stumbled across 10 years ago when I first started doing Persephone Path workshops. Here is a great article by Dane Rudhyar. Knowing this info can raise the veil in a big way as to why things are happening and how to birth the new you being aware of your intention to embody in this family line in this lifetime. Becoming aware of the midwifery point of Haumea asteroid is also very significant in Virgo. Something I am focusing on with my clients at this time as she is linked to White Wizard energy.

We have a New Moon in Virgo on the 7th day of this first chapter and it is at 14 degrees. Article by Darkstar This ties in with White Wizard again. I love how these galactic creation webs are revealed. This is Blue Resonant Hand . What is resonating with how you are shaping your destiny ? What you are initiating here will be manifesting in the Blue Hand Wavespell beginning on the 27th. As you can see from these articles and the sabian symbol below, this is essential to know around our past story and mindsets and how they manifest. Do you want to be at the mercy of your own conditioning and being stuck on the karmic wheel ? The Goddess embodiment process can feel very challenging because it requires us to step up and have the courage to say no to the old oppression relationship that has historically bound people in slavery. We have to free ourself from this through healing our emotional mind and creating new behaviours that put our self first. Self love and kindness to ourself is the shift in perspective now, otherwise stay stuck in persecution and feel exhausted because that is what it creates.

14 degrees of Virgo :

A long steel screw.
Set in place, the die is cast – the past determines the future. Held within patterns and syndromes of the habitual and the pragmatic-literalistically identified within strictly severe frameworks. You are at the mercy of conditionings and programmings, and chronically mentally obstructive, up against the grind of the outer mind droning onward. Radically non-creative, non innovative, you follow the party line. Waiting until the loss of real direction has played itself out endlessly, and hoping that a different phase altogether will knock you over the head and pull you onward from this dead end.

We can become Persephone each year to go inside and do our inner work to heal our own personal Hades story, reflecting on what we have experienced over the Spring and Summer. In the Mayan dreamspell this equinox is a portal gateway day of White Solar Wind in the White Wizard Wavespell, which is the second 13 day process and will focus on empowerment issues that were revealed in the first 13 days. The Sun goes into Libra on this day.

In the 3rd wavespell of Blue Hand we shape our destiny through healing. This begins on the 27th of September and coincides with Mercury going retrograde at 25 degrees of Libra. This is a great article by Dark Pixie. Where this is in your chart will be significant around relationships with your shadow story and how to bring balance in. As we go into Libra sun we create a very different dynamic. The first six zodiac signs focus on the hero/heroines journey that is in the shadow of the sun, literally as the lower half of the natal chart. When we incarnate this is in darkness. This journey initiates at the Spring Equinox (on the 20th of March this year) and focuses on the persona, the ego part of us out on the land acting out our roles. At the seventh house we reach the setting sun point of the descendent and literally travel back in time as to the other influences that shape our outer world. How we have learned to relate, as a sum total of our biology, our ancestral genes and patterns of behaviour and our environment that has shaped us. Our caretakers, our soul purpose, where we live in the world, all have an influence on our star seeded nature. As we become consciously aware of what shapes us, we create a powerful shift. We are now at this pivotal stage collectively. To create without this conscious awareness has meant that human beings have been stuck in old stories that create harm. As we have learned what has harmed our mind, body and spirit, now we can heal it, this restores a natural harmonious balance. Returning to being in synch with nature aligns with the universe and truth. Living in cultures that are out of alignment with this sacred system has created sickness for all beings on planet earth. As each one of us realigns we restore our garden of eden and create heaven on earth once more.

As we reach the 4th process of Yellow Sun on the 10th of the 10th ~ magickal again. We will see how much light we are holding and what is manifest. This is a very important process to take us into the Gateway of Death of Scorpio energy in the next 52 day cycle of becoming a Creator of Heaven on Earth ~ Red Skywalker. The human being who is ready to initiate their creator power. We are aligning with our ancestors at Halloween time. Lots of planets that were retrograde have now become or will become direct in this wavespell and so it can be a time of great intensity. Saturn goes direct on the 10th, Jupiter and Mercury on the 18th and Pluto went direct on the 6th. We will see if we can hold our emotional centre during this time and get a true sense of our sovereignty especially if worldly events are testing our integrity.

Remember beautiful Goddess.

I am the love I seek. I am the one. I am source. I am beauty.

Anything that does not match that reality is a shadow story of the mind ready to be illuminated as the heart is healed. This is the time for all those untruths of disempowerment to be unveiled through each one of us. We chose to come here to do this.

Here is a fun video to remember :

Timelines :

  1. Red Dragon Initiation awakening to our survival patterns seeking to heal so that we can thrive. Aligning with the mindset of the Goddess and reconnection to Gaia and our source energy . Healing and health. Kindness to self. Heal the harm Planet is: Neptune. Our delusions and illusions can heal and reveal our spiritual story ready for embodiment Gregorian dates: 01 September to 13 September 2021 New Moon in Virgo Plant the seed
  2. White Wizard Refinement for empowerment refining what we have learned in the first 13 days. If you know your 13 year codes you will be able to access a specific year for you to heal and create new learning. Planet is: Asteroids with new consciousness. Gregorian Dates: 14 September to 26 September 2021 Full Moon manifestation of your spiritual path next steps
  3. Blue Hand Transformation Transform any emotional triggers and start to shape your destiny through healing and creating new mindsets and behaviours. Planet is: Earth. What is manifest here on earth and how we are rebirthing it Gregorian Dates 27 September to 09 October 2021 New Moon in Libra at 13 degrees 06 October. Sow the seed for balancing your shadow story around how you relate to yourself
  4. Yellow Sun Manifestation We see what is manifest as to our joy experience and how we create that through the choices we make. Critically we can focus on our conditioned mind set and whether that is healthy for us and the human race. Keep what serves us and brings us into sovereignty and release what does not. Planet is: Pluto. Healing the shadow to hold more light. Notice what is seeking illumination as to how you feel in daily life. Gregorian Dates 10 to 22 October 2021 Full Moon in Aries at 27 degrees on the 20th . How has your heroines journey changed and what is manifest?

If you would like to know more about your circles and cycles please get in touch for a Clarity Call with your time/date and place of birth :